Tips to Freshen up Your Basement

Don’t be fooled by the surprisingly mild winter this past season. Along with the first flowers of spring, you might find a few surprises in your basement, such as the unpleasant smell that just refuses to go away despite trying multiple remedies to freshen the air. Don’t worry, we have you covered with our 6 smart tips.

1 – Find the source

Poor ventilation in basements and crawlspaces, combined with moisture, leads to a dreaded combination– mold and mildew, which if left unattended can actually pose a serious health hazard. If you notice a musty or moldy smell, it is important to identify the source, which can range from a leaky washing machine to a busted water heater. The source may not be obvious if you don’t use the basement on a regular basis. Often the problem can be as simple as replacing a burst hose pipe or at worst, you will need a new heater.

2 –Ensure that your plumbing is in good shape

This is one of the most important tips, and can often require the help of a handyman. If your walls or ceiling show signs of water damage, it could mean that you need a plumbing or wall repair to keep the basement dry and fresh. If left unattended, broken or damaged pipes can lead to a mini or major flood in the basement.

3 –Ensure the best possible ventilation

Often, basements suffer from mold or mildew due to poor ventilation. Hence, if you have basement windows, it is smart to leave them open at least once a week to air out any moisture, and to keep the natural fan running to circulate the air.

4 – Spray a combination of water and bleach

This is one DIY, which every homeowner should have on his or her regular cleaning schedule. A combination of water and bleach can kill stray mildew or mold spores, which have decided to take up residence in your house.

5 –Think about installing floors like vinyl or tile

Carpeted basement floors are often the biggest culprits. Wet carpets and backing underneath can lead to some serious mold and mildew concerns. In homes with regular water seepage, it is best to invest in impermeable floors such as vinyl or tile.

6 –Finally, invest in a good waterproofing and encapsulation system

There is no denying that a good basement waterproofing system is the best possible way of keeping your basement fresh. Effective waterproofing systems provide long lasting protection against problems like moisture accumulation, the chances of flooding, and mildew build-up. Similarly, custom encapsulation significantly reduces humidity, vapor transmission, odors, and rodents and insects from your basement.