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The BDWS Wall Stabilization Experience

Proven Integrity through Four Decades

Basement De-Watering Systems Inc. serves Central Illinois and West Central Illinois with a host of proven products and services that stabilize your building’s floors, foundation, basement walls, and overall structural integrity, in residential and commercial applications. BDWS offers over four decades of continuous service experience, spanning three family generations and literally tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings. There is truly not a situation dealing with basement foundations, substructures, bowed walls, cracked walls, hydrostatic pressures, soil types, and varying building load distributions that BDWS has not seen and readily solved.

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Basement Wall Destabilization – What Causes It?

There are just as many reasons for basement wall destabilization as there are techniques in resolving the issues in a permanent and cost-effective manner.

To run through a few reasons for your structure’s walls failing, we can start with some of the most common:

  • Soil composition
  • Soil expansion and contraction
  • Surrounding soil erosion
  • Soil hydrostatic pressures on walls
  • Poor concrete block walls
  • Poor poured wall construction
  • Improper structural buildout
  • Added structures or activity to the soil in nearby areas
  • Landscaping growth

The list continues on and on. That is the absolute reason it is imperative to employ proven professionals that can analyze your specific basement wall deterioration and provide you with written proof of the permanent remedy or remedies needed to resolve your situation in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner with the least disturbance. Be sure to ask about our BDWS Guarantees. 

See if any of these Basement Wall Cracks or Bowed Walls Resemble Your Situation

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Horizontal Basement Wall Crack – Basement Poured Wall or Block Wall Construction

Basement Block Wall Stair-Step Crack Compromises & Devastates Structures Over Time

Multiple Crack Issues on this Bowing Basement Block Wall are Degrading the Structures Stability

Ongoing Feathering of Poured Basement Wall Cracking – Destabilizes Structural Integrity

Most Serious Block Wall Bowing Cracks – Showing Severe Exterior Pressure on Foundation & Structure

An interesting Basement Wall Mix, Vertical Cracked Poured Wall, Block Wall & Brick Wall Combo

Basement Wall Cracks, Bowed Walls and Their Long-Term Effects on Your Structure & the Structure’s Value

Regardless if the basement wall cracks run horizontal, vertical or even diagonal – ultimately it makes no difference when considering the effects on your structure and its value. All cracks eventually destroy the integrity and stability of your building’s foundation. Only a seasoned professional that has seen, studied and most of all corrected such occurrences properly should be allowed to proceed with repairing your situation for a permanent solution.

Left unattended, all basement wall cracks, bowed walls, spalling concrete blocks or concrete walls will eventually cost the residential or commercial building owner thousands in future repairs as settling and other structural destruction occurs. Call BDWS today for a Free No Obligation Estimate at (855) 936-0829.

Solving Your Basement Wall Bowing & Cracking Problems Can Be Reasonably Simple & Easy to Resolve Permanently, Plus Cost Friendly & Guaranteed.

Just as there are multiple reasons for basement walls cracking, degrading and bowing, … there are just as many alternatives to professionally and properly resolve your structures foundational support issues. See some of the various permanent and proven methods of resolving your basement wall issues quickly and easily, with minimal mess and most of all inexpensively. Compared to wall removal and replacement, these solutions are literally pennies on the dollar. Please feel free to e-mail your wall stabilization questions to us at

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Remedy – Carbon Fiber Cross Supports Increase Tensile Strength Five Fold

Carbon Fiber Structural Straps Offer Lifelong Resilience to Basement Wall Structural Deterioration

Vertical Block Wall Crack Utilizing Multiple Carbon Fiber Solutions for Permanent Remedy

Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Solution for Bowed Block Wall – Permanent, Safe and Easily Installed

Remedy – Feathered Concrete Cracks Permanently Stopped with Carbon Fiber Spider Supports

Degrading Basement Entry Resolved with Cost-Effective Carbon Fiber Straps & Epoxy for Proven Results

Rhino Corner Block Wall Carbon Fiber Application

Common Carbon Fiber Bowed Block Wall Application – Ready to be Sealed and Painted

Why use BDWS Carbon Fiber Products for a Solution?

Although the answers can be quite complex, the simplest reason is proven strength in numerous commercial and aeronautical products over the last twenty-five years. Carbon Fiber is lightweight and can be actually up to10X stronger than steel or concrete. Plus, it is easily installed, offering a permanent solution to resolve a very serious basement wall problem in a most cost-effective application. For more info on how Rhino Carbon Fiber Supports can permanently resolve your structures basement wall issues, email BDWS here.

Basement De-Watering Systems utilizes Rhino Carbon Fiber Supports to Properly Repair Basement Walls

Rhino has long been recognized for its superior products and application techniques. These proven methods for resolving destabilizing wall cracks, bowed walls and structural basement defects offer one of the most cost-effective ways to permanently resolve your issues. Compared with the costly alternatives of steel wall reinforcement, installation of wall anchors or even removal and reconstruction of basement walls, owners quickly see the benefits of BDWS offering the Guaranteed Rhino Carbon Fiber Supports.

Rhino is Considered the Strongest Basement Wall Support & Repair System on the Market!

Basement De-Watering Systems Basement Wall Stabilization Services Utilizing Rhino Carbon Fiber Supports

After four decades of permanently resolving residential and commercial wall cracks, bowing block & poured concrete walls and basement wall stabilization to structures of all types, we encourage you to employ a trustworthy & professional organization that has a proven track record of written guaranteed success.

BDWS and Rhino Products can offer proven services and guaranteed written results, all at what many contend are the most reasonable costs available. Contact us today at (855) 936-0829.

Four Decades & Three Generations of Continuous Professional Services

Since 1976, Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc., has offered homeowners and business owners alike, continuous professional services throughout a vast area of Illinois, inclusive of the Greater Peoria Area, Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, Lincoln and all city and villages surrounding them.

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