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Basement Waterproofing Services in the Central & West Central Illinois Area

Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. (BDWS) offers a variety of basement waterproofing services, products, and systems aimed at removing and preventing water from entering your basement or crawlspace area.


From whole home dehumidifiers and air filtration systems to sump pump installations and repairs, we offer countless cost-effective solutions to help create and maintain the healthy home and environment you desire. We even repair damaged foundations and bowed walls that have experienced high water pressure and seepage.

Basement Systems for Waterproofing

BDWS Interior Baseboard Channel used in basement systems by Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. in Canton, IL

BDWS Interior Baseboard Channel

Our interior baseboard system revolutionized the waterproofing of basements in 1978. The System 1 Channel Baseboard was developed to capture and control water seepage at the primary source of entry. Once the water is controlled, it can then be easily removed from the home by way of a sump pump or drain. This method is both time-efficient to install and minimally disruptive to the interior surroundings.

BDWS Hybrid Interior French Drain used in basement systems by Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. in Canton, IL

BDWS Hybrid Interior French Drain

The BDWS hybrid French drain is an age-old remedy used to resolve water seepage issues in substructures. We utilize several different systems developed for specific structures and applications. Over the years, advancements have been made to enhance the installation process, capabilities, and affordability of these extremely effective solutions, which help to restore basements to their intended use and free them of water seepage.

Interior sump pump used in basement systems by Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. in Canton, IL

Interior Sump Pump Installations

The vast majority of basement systems and solutions will require the captured water seepage to be extricated by a sump pump. Sump pumps, which require seasoned professionals to install, come in various sizes and efficiency levels. With over four decades of experience, BDWS can assess and determine your specific needs.

BDWS Real Dry™ System

The Real Dry™ system also utilizes the method of capturing and channeling water seepage from the most frequent point of entry. This system was enhanced to feature customized fittings for the mounts, joints, and corners in order to resemble a custom wood baseboard application. Painted to match existing surroundings, this has become the preferred system for many homeowners. Our Real Dry™  system specialists are committed to helping you explore the benefits of the system and permanently solve your seepage problems.

Crawl Space Interior Basement Systems

Basement waterproofing done via BDWS Interior French Drain System Installation by Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. in Canton, IL

BDWS Interior French Drain System Installation

The assessment of waterproofing systems requires a certain level of expertise, even in crawlspaces. Our seasoned professionals know the variances in crawlspace waterproofing. Once a proper French drain system for permanently capturing and removing your water seepage has been installed, you will enjoy years of worry-free living.

Crawlspace Sump Pump Installation

Just as in interior sump pump installations, crawlspace sump pumps must be properly sized in order to meet the efficiencies that are required to extricate water seepage from crawlspaces in a timely manner. Once installed, each sump pump application is tested to ensure it has the proficiency level that is needed. Be sure to ask about encapsulating your crawlspace for added moisture protection.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

The true intent of a crawlspace is to have a substructure that is a strong, moisture-free, and odor-free barrier. Most crawlspaces offer neither. Instead, many of them produce damp conditions that promote odors, attract pests, and create an unhealthy living experience overall. In addition to decreasing moisture, crawlspace encapsulation offers homeowners decreased utility bills and radon gas prevention.

Crawlspace Venting System

A properly vented crawlspace helps to avoid a variety of issues in your structure. First and foremost, it reduces the humidity levels, which can eliminate musty odors. Since at least 40 percent of crawlspace air escapes upward due to structural stacking pressures, lower humidity levels in the crawlspace mean better air quality on the first floor of a structure. In recent years, it has also been determined that rising radon gas filtration into structures can be reduced, or even eliminated, through proper crawlspace ventilation. Ask a BDWS professional to educate you on the full list of benefits that come with proper crawlspace ventilation.

Crawlspace Dehumidification System

Crawlspace dehumidification systems come in all shapes and sizes. The overall intent is to remove the humidity in your crawlspace. Assessing the cubic feet and air flow mass needed to remediate the humidity levels has to be accurately determined by a certified professional. Without such calculations, homeowners can expend too much, resulting in higher utility bills and well-below-average humidity levels, potentially creating adverse structural conditions.

Basement Foundation Wall Stabilization Systems

Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

Only an experienced professional should handle the process of remediating bowed and structurally unsound exterior basement walls with carbon fiber wall supports. The entire structure is supported by these walls, and without proper bracing and remediation, catastrophic damage could occur. Four decades and thousands of basements later, BDWS is ready to help you increase your level of stabilization. Increased stability ultimately saves the structural integrity of your property, helping you to sleep better at night.

Solid Wall Crack Injection

We are known to have premier products that resolve the toughest issues. Our well-known, two-part epoxy will even cure underwater. In fact, our product actually hardens more than cured concrete. We provide countless applications capable of dealing with cracks in your flooring, walls, and other elements of your substructure.

Learn More About Wall Stabilization Methods

Our service area includes dozens of counties and cities, including the Bloomington-Normal, IL area. Contact Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. today at (855) 936-0829 to schedule a basement or crawlspace assessment.

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