April Showers, is your Basement Ready?

April showers bring along beautiful may flowers, but they are disastrous for the basement as it causes a wide range of problems such as flooding and leakage in the basement. Following are some measures which could be adopted for ensuring that your basement is ready for April showers.

Evaluation of the Perimeters

It is essential to ensure that the ground next to the basement slopes away from it; this will allow the back-filled dirt to settle on a lower level which causes the ground to sink-in, and slope towards the house. It is also important that the top of the dirt is at-least 6-inches lower than that of the sill plate, for it to have zero contact with the ground.

Waterproofing the Walls

Repairing of Defects in the Poured Concrete Basement Walls

Installation of a Sump Pump

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