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The Basement De-Watering Systems Story

BDWS Heritage

In 1976. Mr. Dennis Dawson was seeking a permanent solution that would affordably solve his situation with water seepage in his basement. Calling on his friend and experienced contractor, Mr. Jerry Jarnagin, they began the process of exploring various basement systems and water seepage product solutions, like drain tile systems, that proved not only expensive but time-consuming to install.

Based on their discoveries, they started experimenting with various new cost-effective waterproofing solutions until they found what they felt was the absolute best alternative for application in any homeowner’s residence. It was not only extremely affordable, easier to install and most of all less disruptive to the homeowner’s surroundings.

Hence, Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc., was humbly launched in 1976 out of Mr. Dawson’s garage in Canton, IL. Mr. Dawson and Mr. Jarnagin, with the assistance of their wives, continued to be the sole employees for the first few years. As their reputation and the new products performance grew throughout Central Illinois in cities like Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield they soon needed to seek other members of their staff and larger facilities to grow. That was just one of several growth spurts.

Grow they did. Soon they were servicing an area of Illinois from Rockford, IL to Springfield, IL. From IL State Boundary to IL State Boundary, Basement De-Watering Systems became known as the simple and affordable solution to water seepage in a basement.

BDWS Today

Basement De-Watering Systems is pleased to offer 3 generations of professional care for your immediate needs. Certified Professionals recognized by the Insurance Industry, State of Illinois, Cities & Homeowners alike for their excellence in effectively resolving both residential and/or commercial water seepage and other basement/crawlspace systems and needs.

As they grew, tremendous strides were made to enhance and improve various components of their cost-effective waterproofing solutions. Today, our BDWS two-part epoxy is considered a premiere waterproofing epoxy and is used in varying degrees on multiple basement water seepage solutions. Rest assured, this product will last as long as your structure. We know because we have now been using the same formula for over thirty years.

As a testimony to our commitment to our customers and supplying professional service throughout Illinois, Basement De-Watering Systems is now in the third generation of being a family owned and operated business. Longevity, pride of ownership, proven services & products and a great customer base have all played a role in establishing our BDWS Organization.

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BDWS Dealer Network

Fast forward and decade by decade Basement De-Watering Systems now has Authorized Dealers in 40 states, Canada, and the UK. Plus, well over 6 million feet of our proprietary “Real Dry” system has been installed throughout the United States and overseas.

BDWS Authorized Dealers offer a host of premiere BDWS’ products, services, and basement system solutions. Just like BDWS, our Authorized Dealers represent a variety of small businesses, contractors, plumbers, and other business professionals that pledge to always satisfy the needs of their clientele with the most inexpensive and permanent means in resolving their water seepage.

BDWS is proud of our National Dealer Network and their ability to offer their “best prices” in their markets. Compare their ‘Free Estimates’ to other waterproofers’ and you will soon see that BDWS’ Dealers’ low overhead allow them to offer the most affordable & permanent solutions to water seepage.

Call us today to discover the BDWS Dealer nearest you. Or, email us at

BDWS Affiliations

BBB of Central Illinois

Servicing Central Illinois
Phone: (309) 688-5124

Accredited Since: 6/22/81
Years in Business: 41 Years

Since 1981, Basement De-Watering Systems has been a proud member of the Central Illinois Better Business Bureau. 41 Continuous Years of endeavoring to offer clients throughout Illinois a portal to evaluate our company and performance. Needless to say, we cannot please everyone, but we do strive to always be a company leader in the waterproofing industry. Our BBB A+ Rating represents our 41 years of professional efforts to sincerely offer the best water seepage solutions throughout Central Illinois at the very best prices.

BBB Rating: A+

BDWS’ ‘Good Neighbors’ Program

Basement De-Watering Systems is proud to offer our ‘Good Neighbors’ Program. Our patrons are always welcome and encouraged to recommend our services to their friends, neighbors and relatives and receive a referral fee for doing such. Plus, the homeowner and/or business they refer will also receive our Good Neighbor Program Discount of $100 with any full system purchase.

Just another way of showing our confidence in our workmanship and systems. Word of mouth and Friends referring Friends is what built Basement De-Watering Systems into the company we have today.

Need references? No problem. After 4 Decades in Business, we have literally thousands of satisfied homeowners and businesses that would be more than happy to discuss their satisfaction in BDWS with you.

BDWS Financing Options

Basement De-Watering Systems is pleased to accept all major credit cards inclusive of Master Card, Visa and American Express, personal or company checks or money orders. Should documentation be needed for outside financing, please contact your BDWS Representative for needed documents.

BDWS Coupons

BDWS Sump Pump Offer

Basement De-Watering Systems is pleased to offer 10% off of any Sump Pump purchase. The vast majority of Basement Water Seepage Solutions require the installation of an appropriate sump pump for proper performance. BDWS offers a host of systems and services that utilize these efficient and effective pumps. Ask your BDWS Representative for his specific recommendation and assistance.

BDWS Dealer Network

Basement De-Watering System™ Inc. has authorized dealers in 40 states across the U.S., as well as dealers in Canada and the United Kingdom (see map below).

To find out if the Real Dry™ system and becoming a BDWS Authorized Dealer will work for you. Call the National Office at (855) 936-0829 ask for National Sales.  You can also e-mail the National Office at

National Headquarters

3100 N. Main St.
Canton, IL 61520
Phone: (855) 936-0829

Covering 40 States, Canada, & the United Kingdom

Dealer Request Information Form

Fill out the Dealer Request Form for more BDWS Information and submit to our National Development Team. We will contact you immediately to begin discussing a possible fit for becoming a future Authorized BDWS Dealership.

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