Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Spring

It seems that we all have had a great winter, but now it is time to pack all our winter wear and welcome spring with arms wide open. Here is a list of things to do to make your home ready for spring.


  1. De- Clutter and Organize

Begin with what is around you, the daily everyday stuff you use. De-clutter it all; organize your home space into several smaller and manageable spaces. Use baskets, plastic containers, empty luggage bags, empty shoe boxes etc. to help you sort out these things, but don’t forget to clean up behind the mess! Breathe and let your home breathe too.


  1. Repairs and Maintenance

Check the inner and outer space of your house for any repairs or maintenance. See if you have broken or curled roof shingles, stuck window sliders, cracking wall paint, damp attics, blocked gutters or broken locks. Look out for all the repairs needed in the electrical fixture, the easiest way to look for it is by switching on every bulb, fan or ventilating devices in use. You can try silly things like smoking near your smoke alarm to see if that’s working or not.


  1. Maintaining Kitchens and Bathrooms

Do not forget your kitchen and bathrooms. This spring, make sure you clean the moss or mild drew found anywhere around that was pointed out by one of your in laws the other day. Besides that, the de- clutter and organize rule applies here as well. Use newspapers to clean glass materials and fixtures. Place scented candles or reeds in these places diffusing neutral earthly aromas.


  1. Add Colors to your life

Add colors and make the exterior and interior of your house look vibrant and fresh. Try using neutral tones for the living room. Look out for large decorations; say for instance one for each shelf, making the shelves look voluminous. Use Mirrors rather than portraits, that’s trendier nowadays.


  1. Landscaping

Please don’t forget to remove that pumpkin out from the sight of your neighborhood. Make sure to maintain the landscaping and the outer sides. Check the look of your door, entrance, doormats, sideways, lawn, hedges, patio, and lawn furniture. Get rid of any extra items, get new fresh flowers for the spring, use potted plants on the side ways, and get rid of any dry leaves accumulated on the outer side of your house. Same rule applies for the garage, clean that up too.